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University of Cambridge (UK), Material Science and Metallurgy, PhD candidate, September 2019 – Pres.


Australian National University (Australia), Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours) in Mechanical and Material Systems, 2019.


Research Interests

2D material-based devices

Interface and contact mechanism of 2D material and Complex Oxides


Honours and Awards

  • 2019: Winner of University Medal from the Australian National University
  • 2018: ANU Honours Scholarship
  • 2017: Honourable Mention of ICM, the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling
  • 2015: Terrell International Undergraduate Scholarships



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  1. Ankur Sharma, Han Yan, etc., Yuerui Lu. (2018). Highly Enhanced Many-Body Interactions in Anisotropic 2D Semiconductors. Accounts of Chemical Research.


  1. Renjing Xu, Jiong Yang, Ye Win Myint, Han Yan, Fan Wang and Yuerui Lu. (2016). Exciton Brightening in Monolayer Phosphorene via Dimensionality Modification. Advanced Materials, 3493 - 3498.


  1. Renjing XU, Jiong Yang, Yi Zhu, Han Yan, Jiajie Pei, Ye Win Myint, Shuang Zhang and Yuerui Lu. (2015). Layer-dependent surface potential of phosphorene and anisotropic/layer-dependent charge transfer in phosphorene–gold hybrid systems. Nanoscale, 129 - 135.