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2D Materials and Devices Group

Our research deals with fundamental aspects of two-dimensional materials synthesized by chemical exfoliation and chemical vapor deposition. We study: phase engineering of 2D materials; low resistance electrical contacts on 2D semiconductors for high performance electronics; metallic 2D materials for energy storage and electrocatalysis; interfaces between 3D complex oxides and 2D; and chemical functionalization of 2D materials.

Recent Publications

Latest news

Materials for Information & Communication Technology Research in Cambridge

11 September 2019

The development of new materials for ICT is fundamental to innovation and energy efficiency for applications in low‑power and high‑power facilities. This CAMatNet meeting on Materials for ICT brings together groups in Cambridge working on this theme with a series of invited talks by world-leading specialists, with the aim of inspiring new ideas and collaborations.

Welcome to Zhen hui

11 July 2019

Zhen Hui has joined our group. She is doing a one year MPhil course in our group. Her research project is on electrocatalysis using 2D materials.

Champion for Energy-Efficient ICT theme

10 July 2019

Royce@Cambridge Champion. Prof. Chhowalla has been appointed as the Cambridge Royce Institute Champion. He will lead Cambridge University’s Materials for Energy Efficient ICT theme.


10 July 2019

Prof. Chhowalla gave a talk at Armourers and Brasiers' Cambridge Forum on atom-thick compounds for catalytic production of fuels and energy-efficient electronics.

Newton Fellowship

10 July 2019

Dr. Jieun Yang was awarded the Royal Society International Newton Fellowship. Congratulations to Jieun!!

Arrive in Cambridge

10 July 2019

Jieun and Yan have moved from Rutgers to Cambridge!