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2D Materials and Devices Group

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Our research deals with fundamental aspects of two-dimensional materials synthesized by chemical exfoliation and chemical vapor deposition. We study: phase engineering of 2D materials; low resistance electrical contacts on 2D semiconductors for high performance electronics; metallic 2D materials for energy storage and electrocatalysis; interfaces between 3D complex oxides and 2D; and chemical functionalization of 2D materials.

Two-dimensional Layered Transition Metal Dichalcogenide

2D transition metal dichalcogenides — with generalized formula of MX2, where M is a transition metal from groups 4–10 elements and X is a chalcogen (S, Se, or Te) — exhibit versatile optical, electrical and electrochemical properties.

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2D Semiconductors for Transistors

In state of the art short-channel FETs, leakage current leads to power dissipation in the OFF state due to poor gate electrostatics. In FETs with 2D semiconductors, charge carriers are confined within atomically thin channels and hence are uniformly influenced by the gate voltage – giving rise to excellent gate electrostatics so that OFF state current is reduced.

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2D Materials for Electrocatalysis

Our group has developed microelectrochemical cells that allow precise identification of catalytically active sites. We can accurately quantify the catalytic activity from edge sites or the basal plane for the hydrogen & oxygen evolution reactions as well as oxygen, CO2 and N2 reduction reactions.

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Interfaces Between 2D Materials and Complex Oxides

The coupling of various degrees of freedom between 2D materials and complex oxides leads to exotic optical and electronic states of matter. Investigation and study of such phenomena is the central theme of this thrust in our group.

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Recent Publications

"Chemical vapour deposition", Nature Reviews Methods Primers, (2021)

Luzhao Sun, Guowen Yuan, Libo Gao, Jieun Yang, Manish Chhowalla, Meysam Heydari Gharahcheshmeh, Karen K. Gleason, Yong Seok Choi, Byung Hee Hong & Zhongfan Liu

"Ultralow-dielectric-constant amorphous boron nitride", Nature (2020)

Seokmo Hong, Chang-Seok Lee, Min-Hyun Lee, Yeongdong Lee, Kyung Yeol Ma, Gwangwoo Kim, Seong In Yoon, Kyuwook Ihm, Ki-Jeong Kim, Tae Joo Shin, Sang Won Kim, Eun-chae Jeon, Hansol Jeon, Ju-Young Kim, Hyung-Ik Lee, Zonghoon Lee, Aleandro Antidormi, Stephan Roche, Manish Chhowalla, Hyeon-Jin Shin, Hyeon Suk Shin

"Ultrahigh current density niobium disulfide catalysts for hydrogen evolution", Nature Materials (2019)

Jieun Yang, Abdul Mohmad, Yan Wang, Raymond Fullon, Xiuju Song, Fang Zhao, Ibrahim Bozkurt, Mathias Augustin, Elton Santos, Hyeon Shin, Wenjing Zhang, Damien Voiry, Hu Young Jeong, and Manish Chhowalla

"Plasmon free surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy using metallic 2D materials", ACS NANO (2019)

Xiuju Song, Yan Wang, Fang Zhao, Qiucheng Li, Huy Q. Ta, Mark H. Rüemmeli, Zhenzhu Li, Wanjian Yin, Letao Yang, Ki-Bum Lee, Jieun Yang, Ibrahim Bozkurt, Shengwen Liu, Wenjing Zhang, Manish Chhowalla

"Van der Waals contacts between three-dimensional metals and two-dimensional semiconductors", Nature 568,70-74 (2019)

Yan Wang, Jong Chan Kim, Ryan J. Wu, Jenny Martinez, Xiuju Song, Jieun Yang, Fang Zhao, Andre Mkhoyan, Hu Young Jeong & Manish Chhowalla

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Materials for Information & Communication Technology Research in Cambridge

Sep 11, 2019

The development of new materials for ICT is fundamental to innovation and energy efficiency for applications in low‑power and high‑power facilities. This CAMatNet meeting on Materials for ICT brings together groups in Cambridge working on this theme with a series of invited talks by world-leading specialists, with the aim of inspiring new ideas and collaborations.

Champion for Energy-Efficient ICT theme

Jul 01, 2019

Royce@Cambridge Champion. Prof. Chhowalla has been appointed as the Cambridge Royce Institute Champion. He will lead Cambridge University’s Materials for Energy Efficient ICT theme.


Jun 18, 2019

Prof. Chhowalla gave a talk at Armourers and Brasiers' Cambridge Forum on atom-thick compounds for catalytic production of fuels and energy-efficient electronics.

Newton Fellowship

Mar 01, 2019

Dr. Jieun Yang was awarded the Royal Society International Newton Fellowship. Congratulations to Jieun!!

Welcome to Zhen hui

Feb 01, 2019

Zhen Hui has joined our group. She is doing a one year MPhil course in our group. Her research project is on electrocatalysis using 2D materials.

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