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Henry Royce Institute


The Royce has the expertise and facilities to contribute to a wide range of research and development. The initial science program targets nine core themes, each led by a champion and coordinated through a stakeholder network of industrialists and academics. This enables the research focus to evolve and reflect changing national priorities.

The Royce is aligned to the UK government Industrial Strategy and our research has the potential to transform the digital, engineering, energy and health sectors. Many of our research areas are complementary, and Royce Partner institutions work collaboratively, sharing facilities and expertise.


Materials for Energy Efficient ICT is led by the University of Cambridge. Energy Efficient ICT focuses on: Energy Generation: new materials that are able to power autonomous devices by harnessing energy from the environment. Energy Storage: significant improvements in the energy density, longevity, cost and compatibility of the various energy storage technologies required to power the next generation of ICT devices. Energy Use: radical approaches to reduce power consumption in processing and memory, towards the theoretical limits that are many orders of magnitude below current silicon-based technology, and making devices more lightweight.


More details about the research theme and facilities can be found at: