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James Moloney




  • PhD Candidate, Materials Science & Metallurgy, University of Cambridge (UK), 2020-Present
  • MSci in Materials Science, University of Cambridge (UK), 2018-19
  • B.A. in Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge (UK), 2015-18


Research Experience:

  • MSci Project: “Manufacture and Testing of Safer Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 2018 Summer Placement: Investigating the annealing conditions to improve crystallinity in α-Ga2O3 for use in solar-blind photodetectors



  • J. Moloney, O. Tesh, M. Singh, J. W. Roberts, J. C. Jarman, L. C. Lee, T. N. Huq, J. Brister, S. Karboyan, M. Kuball, P. R. Chalker, R. A. Oliver, F. C-P. Massabuau, “Atomic layer deposited α-Ga2O3 solar-blind photodetectors”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 2019, 52, 47.